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Top PS3 Mods


We have seen all kinds of limited editions come out for the PS3, and several design changes as well.

Some talented individuals have went ahead and made their own enhancements and have Modded the PS3. These were some of the top PS3 Mods that we saw. If I still had my PS3 (someone shot it with a gun – a long but enjoyable story), I would go ahead and make modifications to mine too.

Here are our Top 7 Modified PS3s

# 7 – Wood-backed PS3

Wood PS3

Some was able to alter the outer shell of their PS3.

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Sony Wins VS. LG in PS3 Patent Dispute


As many of you know, LG recently sued Sony over violating a patent in the PS3. During this process, LG was able to have 300,000 shipments of the PS3 stopped in Europe. After a speedy trial, a decision was made.

Sony VS LG PS3 Patent Dispute

The outcome…
All 300,000 PS3s will now returned to Sony. They will be able to be shipped to Europe and Sony is allowed to continuing shipping. Additionally, LG will be forced to pay Sony 130,000 euros for court fees. LG has one day to return the PS3s. Each day they are late, they will be fined an additional 200,000 euros.

Now that the dispute for halting the shipments is over, stay tuned for additional information on the result of the patent violation.

Mass Effect 2 jumps 360, lands on PS3


In a move that is sure to cause 360 fanboys around the world no short shrift of butthurt, CEO Ray Muyzka of BioWare announced that the company will bring Mass Effect 2 to the PlayStation 3 system. Also included was the fact that bonus content will also be included with the PS3 version.

You can read more about it here. You can also watch the trailer announcing the fact at the bottom of that page.

New Ace Combat Title Revealed


Over this past week a new trailer was released by Bandai/Namco and the fine folks at Project Aces for their latest title to bear the Ace Combat brand: Ace Combat: Assault Horizon.

This title is notable because it will be the first time in four years that an Ace Combat title has been on Sony’s flagship console; the last installment, Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation, having skipped the PS3 and becoming an Xbox 360 exclusive much to the consternation of longtime followers of the series on the PS2-generation titles. Also, according to the footage in the trailer, the title will also feature for the first time in the series full-fledged helicopter combat as a playable aircraft where in previous titles helicopters were merely unfortunate flying targets.

You can see the reveal trailer down below.

Next PS3 Firmware Adds Support for 3D Movies / Pictures


Uhuh! Sony recently released a firmware update for stereoscopic 3D game support, and now they’re going to expand on that further. Their aim? Support for 3D movies and 3D pictures! Hopefully it will work pretty well, otherwise it’ll be a bummer.

More info can be read Here.


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