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Top PS3 Mods


We have seen all kinds of limited editions come out for the PS3, and several design changes as well.

Some talented individuals have went ahead and made their own enhancements and have Modded the PS3. These were some of the top PS3 Mods that we saw. If I still had my PS3 (someone shot it with a gun – a long but enjoyable story), I would go ahead and make modifications to mine too.

Here are our Top 7 Modified PS3s

# 7 – Wood-backed PS3

Wood PS3

Some was able to alter the outer shell of their PS3.

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Sony Releases Anti-Kinect Site and Anti-Wii Commercial


Sony has been pretty aggressive in their advertising for their Playstation Move. Finally years later, Microsoft and Playstation will have caught up with the Wii’s technology. You can see Sony’s Anti-Kinect website here, and you can watch the Playstation Move Kills Mii below.

Next PS3 Firmware Adds Support for 3D Movies / Pictures


Uhuh! Sony recently released a firmware update for stereoscopic 3D game support, and now they’re going to expand on that further. Their aim? Support for 3D movies and 3D pictures! Hopefully it will work pretty well, otherwise it’ll be a bummer.

More info can be read Here.

Funny Music Video: How PS3 Killed Its Brand


I thought that this music video was made very well and a lot of it is true! Keep in mind I’m not trying to upset any fanboys/fangirls out there or anything though! *cough* Wrathie *cough*. I’m more of a PC gamer myself.

God of War III Will Require No HDD Install


PlayStation 3’s biggest game of the year keeps getting better news. Sony has confirmed that God of War III will not have any HDD installation before you play.


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