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Intel Buys McAfee for $7,689,000,000


Probably the worst purchase in history… Intel purchases McAfee for $7,689,000,000. I can think of several better companies that could be purchased for at most, half that price. It will be interesting to see how Intel’s stock will react to this… no doubt McAfee is partying right now. You can check out the full press release right here.

McAfee Restarts/Reboots/Shutdowns Windows XP FIX


Here is a solution on how to fix the latest McAfee incident. The latest update causes Windows XP user’s computers to shutdown, or reboot. The following steps are courtesy of CNET.

Note: We recommend using a different Antivirus such as Kaspersky, Avira, or Nod32.

# Step 1: Open a command prompt: Start menu, Run, then type cmd and hit Enter Step 2: Type shutdown -a, which will prevent the shutdown from occurring McAfee has revealed two fixes for the problem. Each one requires multiple steps, and can be confusing. If you’re not comfortable with advanced computer fixes, you should get help with this.


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