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Samsung Galaxy Attain 4G (SCH-R920) Specs, Features, Review


It is now out for MetroPCS! The Samsung Galaxy Attain 4G smartphone — a 4GLTE smartphone that uses Google Android 2.3 OS.

This touchscreen smartphone rocks! It’s fast and with expandable memory support (microSD), Bluetooth support, Wireless Internet support (WiFi), and more. It’s great for social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), watching videos, listening to music, and just as a general cellphone.

Check out our Samsung Galaxy Attain 4G Review for information on the phone, specifications, and pictures of the device!

Smartphone Operating System Marketshare


A lot of people assume that either the iPhone OS or Google Android OS are the #1 smartphone operating systems used. Actually, they’re not! The number one spot belongs to….RIM! With their BlackBerry operating system. Android takes second place, which use to belong to Apple, who now takes third place instead. Here’s a chart to put things in a more visual perspective–

Click to Enlarge Graph

Smartphone Operating Systems Chart - RIM BlackBerry, Google Android, Apple iPhone OSX, Palm webOS, Windows Mobile

Obviously Android will stay on the rise and, in my opinion, overtake the number 1 spot easily. This is because Android is an operating system that isn’t specific to a certain brand of phone, unlike Apple, and therefore can expand easily.


Dual Boot HTC Hero Android Operating Systems


I just updated the article Review / Comparison: HTC Touch Pro 2, HTC Hero, or Samsung Moment? to add information about dual booting the HTC Hero’s Android OS. This means having both Android operating systems version 1.5 and 2.1 on the phone. Nobody thinks to dual boot phones, that’s usually for PC’s only. Times are changing, however, and I’m sure dual booting smartphones will be a common thing soon enough.

Smartphone Dominoes


A rather clever use of old smart phones for some entertainment value, don’t you agree? Funny how they all look so enthusiastic in taking part of it.

HTC Smartphone $100 Trade-in Rebate


Want to purchase a new HTC smartphone? Have an old smartphone already? Then trade-in your old smartphone for a $100 rebate! You must have AT&T, T-Mobile, or Verizon to qualify and an eligible device. Users who have Sprint unfortunately do not qualify. Boo Sprint! (as usual)


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