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Add Android OS to HP TouchPad Android Hack


HP TouchPad Android Hack! A race to change the HP TouchPad to the Android Operating System
HP TouchPad Android OS
As many of you know, HP has recently slashed the price of their HP TouchPad. You can now purchase the HP TouchPad 16GB for $99 (Originally $400), and the 32GB Model(Originally $500) for $150. These products have been getting sold out everywhere. Because this product is being discontinued, support for the product will be vanishing as well. Due to the short lifespan of this product before being discontinued (only a few months), the Apps available has been small and now how much longer HP will continue to support and update the device is up in the air.

Geeks all around are looking to get their hands on this nice tablet so that they can put the Android Operating System on it. And why not? The Android OS is already so robust. This operating system change alone could fix several of the woes that plagued the TouchPad during its initial release.

However it is important to note that hacking the TouchPad to use the Android OS is not be an easy task. As we have seen, most mobile device OS ports have been sub-par, or consist of running an OS on top of another one. With such a sudden influx in sales and support ending for this discontinued device, could we see a solid Andorid Operating System port for the HP TouchPad? Only time will tell.

Stay tuned for updates.

*Update 8/22 @ 12PM*
It appears that people are now offering rewards for a HP TouchPad Android Hack! For a basic TouchPad Android Port HackNMod will pay $450. Additional features and hacks will be sponsored as well.

Looking to overclock your HP TouchPad and speed it up? Check out here for details.
Want to install PreWare on your HP TouchPad? Go here.

With this huge influx in purchases, next to go will be the accessories (which I am sure are going to be halted.) Grab what accessories you can now before they run out.

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Funny T-Shirt: Android + Dr. Zoidberg (Futurama)


Recently, I saw one of the greatest, most geeky t-shirts of all time. One bright person was able to combine both Google’s infamous Android character and Futurama’s Doctor Zoidberg into one rad looking creation! I WANT this shirt!

Futurama Dr. Zoidberg and Google Android

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Android 2.1 Download Leaked – Dell Streak


Android version 2.1 has been leaked on the internet for the Dell Streak tablet. It is available for download in many places throughout the web. Dell Streak Android Phone TabletI’m sure many are taking advantage of this leak, and putting this premature version on their tablet. Updates WILL be available. This version is for the O2 locked Dell Streak, which is a pretty nice phone / tablet.

You can download the Android 2.1 update for this phone from several mirrors.

MediaFire (MF)
MegaUpload (MU)

So What’s New In Android Update 2.1?
Most notably, they improved the keyboard (great for those who text a lot on this phone), added live wallpapers (makes the phone look even more pretty), and a 720p camcorder (makes the phone even more powerful!).


How to Install?
Download the update from one of the given mirrors above (it is a PKG file). Drag the PKG file to your Streak’s SD card and then rename it to “Update.pkg”. Afterward, reboot the Streak into recovery mode by holding down both volume keys and powering it on. This procedure is VERY simple as you can see.


Also, for those who download from mirrors like the above often, check out this awesome, free Firefox addon — Megaupload MU, Megashares MS, Rapidshare RS, Mediafire MF, DepositFiles DF, Auto CAPTCHA + Auto Download.

Operating System Android 2.2 Update – Froyo (Frozen Yogurt)


The following phones will likely receive this upgrade — Motorola Droid, Google ‘s Nexus One, the Droid Incredible, and some others. However, the Nexus One and Motorola Droid will receive it in June for sure. This is suppose to make the operating system up to 5 times faster when compared to the 2.1 version because of the new Dalvik JIT compiler. Exchange capabilities are also being implemented for enterprise uses (i.e. calendar syncing) and many APIs were added. Version 2.2 is also suppose to offer the fastest internet browsing experience available. This should be a really cool update that many will look forward to I’m sure!

Smartphone Operating System Marketshare


A lot of people assume that either the iPhone OS or Google Android OS are the #1 smartphone operating systems used. Actually, they’re not! The number one spot belongs to….RIM! With their BlackBerry operating system. Android takes second place, which use to belong to Apple, who now takes third place instead. Here’s a chart to put things in a more visual perspective–

Click to Enlarge Graph

Smartphone Operating Systems Chart - RIM BlackBerry, Google Android, Apple iPhone OSX, Palm webOS, Windows Mobile

Obviously Android will stay on the rise and, in my opinion, overtake the number 1 spot easily. This is because Android is an operating system that isn’t specific to a certain brand of phone, unlike Apple, and therefore can expand easily.


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