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Hacking WEP Wireless Keys Via Backtrack Video


Hacking WEP is as easy as eating a piece of banana cream pie with chopsticks (it’s easier than it sounds). There are multiple methods of doing such, especially depending on who makes your wireless card (Atheros chipsets allow for additional, faster methods, as well as some other chipsets). The most common way, which is done via a Backtrack live disk or USB in conjunction with Aircrack, can be seen step-by-step in the following video.

Wireless Network Modded to See Through Walls


Okay, this isn’t as cool as it sounds, but is still cool nevertheless. It’s actually a concept I had thought about too, so I’m glad it has come into fruition (though I feel as if I should have done something on this first!). As you may know, signal strength varies as people move around in a room. This can help you track the movements of people.


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