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100 Free Microsoft Points via Games for Windows Newsletter


You can earn 100 Free Microsoft Points by signing up for Microsoft’s Games for Windows Newsletter via Xbox Live. It takes 4 to 6 weeks for these points to actually arrive to you, so be patient. This promotion by Microsoft ends November 14th so sign up before then to get your free 100 Microsoft Points 🙂 Here is Microsoft’s promotional page.

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Windows Phone 7 a Bust?


Well the word is out. Windows Phone 7 has been torn apart.

The interface is beautiful and vibrant, the touch is extremely responsive and accurate.

However, the scrolling is glitched and laggy, it also is a little slow, has no search function, and could defintely need multi-tasking.

Even though with all these woes, Windows Phone 7 makes a great base. It however should not be released for several months, because there are tons of things to iron out. You can read an in depth review about Windows Phone 7 from Engadget here.

Ever Wonder About the Outlook 2010 “No Photo” Silhouette or Should I Say Mugshot?


Well it appears that things were not all that they seemed. As a little added easter egg in Outlook 2010, the default “no picture” photo is actually a photo of a certain individual we all know and it was a photo of them after doing something naughty.

Not so innocent anymore is this default picture huh?

Bill Gates Silhouette

Bill Gates Silhouette

Apparently it took them a long time to actually realize that someone snuck this into the program. It was not till ars technica’s editor-in-chief Ken Fisher noticed it and let out the news to everyone.

Still not sure of who this person in the photo is? Well I did put the person’s name in the caption of the image after all. =P

Well now if you put two and two together, it should start to resemble a certain famous individual when he was 17 years old and was apparently out making trouble for the establishment…

Bill Gates Mugshot

Bill Gates Mugshot

Ta da! This is actually a mug shot of Bill Gates in 1977 after committing a driving offense.

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How to Uninstall Internet Explorer 9.0 Beta (IE9 Beta)


I noticed that many people have been having trouble un-installing Internet Explorer 9.0 Beta. This is because Internet Explorer 9.0 does not show up in the add/remove programs page. *Shakes head* bad Microsoft! Need not be afraid, here is a quick and easy way to remove it.

Need to uninstall Internet Explorer 9.0 Beta (IE9.0 Beta)? Find out how to Uninstall IE9Beta here.

Microsoft Office 2010 Professional 32/64 Bit Download Leaked


Just recently the latest versions of Office 2010 have reached RTM and have already been leaked. You can find the downloads easily of course by Googling it. As many of you may know, this is the first version of Office that has been available in 64bit. I however HIGHLY recommend that you install the 32bit version. The 64bit version is only appealing if you use excel files that are greater than 2Gb in size.


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