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Microsoft Office 2010 Professional 32/64 Bit Download Leaked


Just recently the latest versions of Office 2010 have reached RTM and have already been leaked. You can find the downloads easily of course by Googling it. As many of you may know, this is the first version of Office that has been available in 64bit. I however HIGHLY recommend that you install the 32bit version. The 64bit version is only appealing if you use excel files that are greater than 2Gb in size.

Free Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 – Beta


That’s right. Microsoft is giving away this product absolutely free for those who wish to participate in the beta. Mind you, just because it’s labeled a “beta” doesn’t make it not high qualify software. I assure you that the primary issues have been fixed already before participation for this beta became available. Want to know more information on how to get it? Then read on:

Web Browser-Based Microsoft Office


That’s right people. Microsoft is releasing a web browser-based version of Microsoft Office. You’re probably wondering if it will only natively support Internet Explorer. Well, luckily, it will also support Firefox and Safari. It may even support Google Chrome. It will also have Windows Mobility support AND iPhone support. It will not be as packed with features and such like a standard version of Microsoft Office, but it’ll be interesting nontheless. Continue reading for more information.


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