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Dead Rising 2 Fix “msvcr100.dll is missing from your computer”


Several people have gotten the error message “The program can’t start because MSVCR100.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem”

This error is a common problem for the new video game Dead Rising 2 and can be found when launching deadrising2.exe.

But need not be afraid… we have what you are looking for! Also know that this will fix the error if you get it for other games and programs as well.

Read how to fix the msvcr100.dll is missing from your computer here.

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How to Uninstall Internet Explorer 9.0 Beta (IE9 Beta)


I noticed that many people have been having trouble un-installing Internet Explorer 9.0 Beta. This is because Internet Explorer 9.0 does not show up in the add/remove programs page. *Shakes head* bad Microsoft! Need not be afraid, here is a quick and easy way to remove it.

Need to uninstall Internet Explorer 9.0 Beta (IE9.0 Beta)? Find out how to Uninstall IE9Beta here.

The Most Useless Machine Ever


Check out this video… This machine is very useless…so useless that everyone must have one! Want one?


Click here for directions to make your own most useless machine ever.

Watch two useless machines battle it out!

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Limewire 5.5.2 and Limewire 5.5.3 Pro and Pro Beta License Key Activation


*Update* – This method is now dead. Plus your old license keys are more than likely expired at this point so you’ll just have to go buy a new one or stick with basic.


Limewire 5.5.2 and above have a nice built-in activator in them. Many users using Limewire 5.5.1 Pro Beta and below have upgraded to the new version and have not been able to activate to the pro version. This makes them stuck with having just plain old Limewire 5.5.2 / 5.5.3 Beta. No need to fret, I have figured out the solution to your problems.

Note: This will work for ALL versions of Limewire 5.5.2 and above. Not just the betas! That means when the non-beta versions come out in the future, this method will STILL WORK. Also remember that Beta Keys work for beta versions only.

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