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Ever Wonder About the Outlook 2010 “No Photo” Silhouette or Should I Say Mugshot?


Well it appears that things were not all that they seemed. As a little added easter egg in Outlook 2010, the default “no picture” photo is actually a photo of a certain individual we all know and it was a photo of them after doing something naughty.

Not so innocent anymore is this default picture huh?

Bill Gates Silhouette

Bill Gates Silhouette

Apparently it took them a long time to actually realize that someone snuck this into the program. It was not till ars technica’s editor-in-chief Ken Fisher noticed it and let out the news to everyone.

Still not sure of who this person in the photo is? Well I did put the person’s name in the caption of the image after all. =P

Well now if you put two and two together, it should start to resemble a certain famous individual when he was 17 years old and was apparently out making trouble for the establishment…

Bill Gates Mugshot

Bill Gates Mugshot

Ta da! This is actually a mug shot of Bill Gates in 1977 after committing a driving offense.

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