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Bill Gates to Make Toilet Version 2.0


Toilet FireAs we know, Bill and Melinda Gates spend majority of their time running their new foundation. This foundation typically invests its money into important causes. It seems that they are now eyeing something new – redesigning the toilet. Because of this, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation gave a Grant to Delft University of Technology to solve this crap. (pun 1).

Toilets are “wasteful” (pun 2) because they use a lot of water, and require a lot of infrastructure. They will be looking into recycling the “resources” that go into a toilet to be used as renewed water, or even fertilizer. Most importantly, they are trying to figure out how to make toilets that keep people from getting more sick.

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Ever Wonder About the Outlook 2010 “No Photo” Silhouette or Should I Say Mugshot?


Well it appears that things were not all that they seemed. As a little added easter egg in Outlook 2010, the default “no picture” photo is actually a photo of a certain individual we all know and it was a photo of them after doing something naughty.

Not so innocent anymore is this default picture huh?

Bill Gates Silhouette

Bill Gates Silhouette

Apparently it took them a long time to actually realize that someone snuck this into the program. It was not till ars technica’s editor-in-chief Ken Fisher noticed it and let out the news to everyone.

Still not sure of who this person in the photo is? Well I did put the person’s name in the caption of the image after all. =P

Well now if you put two and two together, it should start to resemble a certain famous individual when he was 17 years old and was apparently out making trouble for the establishment…

Bill Gates Mugshot

Bill Gates Mugshot

Ta da! This is actually a mug shot of Bill Gates in 1977 after committing a driving offense.

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Funny Picture: Bill Gates and Steve Jobs


Ever wonder what these two rich computer folk talk about when they’re alone together? The picture is too big to fit on the front page, so if you wanna see it, then click to see:


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