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Renown Chip Maker Jim Keller Joins Intel


Famous Chip Maker Jim Keller has made his rounds through the tech community and is continuing his pattern of building great products and leaving to start a new project.

Jim Keller will now be serving as Vice President of Intel’s Silicon Engineering Group where he will be working on SoC development. Prior to joining Intel, Jim Keller was the Vice President of Autopilot for Tesla Motors, where he focused on creating low-voltage hardware for the Tesla lineup.

Mr. Keller is also credited for his work at AMD where he created AMD’s Zen architecture and SoCs for Apple. We suggest reading more about Jim Keller here

Intel Socket 1155 vs 1156 vs 1366 vs 2011


Intel Socket 1366
It can be very hard these days to decide which latest Intel Processor to get. This is because they start phasing sockets out the moment they finally start catching on.

You can read our article comparing Intel’s most relevant sockets now. You can read Intel Socket 1155 vs 1156 vs 1366 vs 2011 here.

Article: Is the Intel LGA 1366 Socket still a good buy?


Intel Socket 1366There has been all kinds of news about the various new processors that Intel has been rolling out… but we haven’t heard anything about LGA 1366, the “high-end” segment of Intel Processors that were given their own unique type of sockets.

So it makes you wonder, is the Intel LGA 1366 Socket still a good buy? Click for more information.

Intel Bass Jump


Intel employees like to do crazy stunts every once in a while. This time they are jumping from a building to make the Intel chime.

< You all might remember the previous stunt that a different group of employees did using a canon.

Which one do you like better? They are both intense if you ask me.

Intel Buys McAfee for $7,689,000,000


Probably the worst purchase in history… Intel purchases McAfee for $7,689,000,000. I can think of several better companies that could be purchased for at most, half that price. It will be interesting to see how Intel’s stock will react to this… no doubt McAfee is partying right now. You can check out the full press release right here.


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