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Renown Chip Maker Jim Keller Joins Intel


Famous Chip Maker Jim Keller has made his rounds through the tech community and is continuing his pattern of building great products and leaving to start a new project.

Jim Keller will now be serving as Vice President of Intel’s Silicon Engineering Group where he will be working on SoC development. Prior to joining Intel, Jim Keller was the Vice President of Autopilot for Tesla Motors, where he focused on creating low-voltage hardware for the Tesla lineup.

Mr. Keller is also credited for his work at AMD where he created AMD’s Zen architecture and SoCs for Apple. We suggest reading more about Jim Keller here

ATI / AMD Catalyst 11.3 Download Released


AMD has released their ATI Catalyst 11.3 drivers. You can go download ATI/AMD Catalyst 11.3 now by going here.

Nvidia GTX 590 Reviewed, Benchmarks, Temperatures, Noise


At last Nvidia has release the GTX 590, and GTX 590 reviews are out! As I said in my previous article about the release information for the GTX 590,.

I hoped that Nvidia could conquer the issues that AMD had with the noise level. And guess what? They did.

There is however, much more to this story.

Read reviews of the GTX 590 here:

To be honest, that puts people like me in a bind. I am an Nvidia fanboy at heart, even though my current 4870×2 has done me wonders. In a few short words, I can tell you exactly what will effect your decision.

Choose the GTX 590 if….

  • You want a quieter video card and aren’t using water cooling
  • The 6990 is a little too big for your case
  • You are an Nvidia fanboy
  • You will make use of tesselation and other Nvidia specific enhancements
  • You don’t want to do your own crossfire solution

Choose the Radeon HD 6990 if…

  • You want better, scaleable performance
  • You want to use slightly less power
  • Noise isn’t an issue to you (if you are not using watercooling)

That is it in a nutshell. But in reality, both are good cards. If you want faster performance and better temps and noise, then choose to do your own crossfire solution. Otherwise, there you have it.

GeForce GTX 590 Release Date Pushed Back to March 24th


Click here to see the reviews of the GeForce GTX 590 *Updated*

We all have been waiting for the release of Nvidia’s flagship Fermi Model, the GTX 590. We have witnessed multiple delays at this point, and now we will witness one more. The GTX 590 will be released on March 24th now, so those of you who wanted to get your hands on this card will have to wait a little longer.

As we know, only Asus and EVGA will be the makers of this card in the USA. In other countries, this may not be the case.

GTX590 Release Date

Nvidia has employed a dual vapor chamber cooling solution with a single fan in the middle. In an uncommon move by Nvidia, the top of the card is removable, so that everything can be cleaned easily. Both GPUs will be on a single 12 layer 2oz PCB Board and will be downclocked. This will effectively lower power requirements, as well as heat produced by the unit. This unit will have the usual high end features – three DVI Outputs, 3D Vision Support, etc. Just like AMD’s 6990, you will need at least a 750w power supply to run this card. I would recommend that you have a power supply that is at least 80+ Plus Bronze.

Expect to see Nvidia face similar driver issues for a little while they work to get the kinks out. Just like AMD, both companies are surely rushing their product out.

Let’s hope NVidia is able to overcome the woes that is evident in AMD’s 6990. If Nvidia does, you will be sure to find a GTX 590 Review from us over here at Geek Montage.

And yes, the price is still unknown. A good rule of thumb is to take AMD’s price and add a little bit more to it.

Interestingly enough, Nvidia has just come out with a teaser video for a mystery announcement. You will be able to find what is in the “hidden box” within the next few days. I know I am wondering! Could it be the GTX590 or the GTX 600 series? I think so.

The official price of this card will be $699. This will allow it to be competitive with the 6990.

AMD Radeon HD 6990 4 GB Reviewed!


At last there is now a review on AMD’s Flagship GPU, the HD 6990! This card gives 4 GB of Videocard Memory! Wow! This is one gigantic card that won’t actually eat away at your power supply as much as you would think. And the price? You can get this card for $699. You can find a full review of the AMD Radeon HD 6990 4GB Card here.

According to the good old folks at Guru3d, this product will cost you roughly $100 to $116 a year if you do four hours of intensive gaming, five days a week. This is just in power useage from your video card alone.


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