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Funny Picture: You Know What Would Please Master Harry?


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You Know What Would Please Master Harry Dobby
“You know what would please Master Harry Don’t You Dobby?” “Yes master…” “Oh yeaah”

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Funny Video: Voldemort Hugs Draco Malfoy – Extended Cut


Check out Voldemort hugging Draco in this fake deleted scene from the extended edition of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 😉

Harry Potter – If Sirus Black Had a Daughter


Harry Potter has a god sister!!

Harry Potter Has a Sister

Oh the tragedy.

Funny Video: Harry Potter vs Voldemort – Epic Rap Battle


That’s right…Another epic rap video. This one is Harry Potter versus Voldemort. The ending was funny too lol. Give it a watch/listen!

Funny Video: Harry Potter and the Rejected Scenes


This Harry Potter video was HILARIOUS haha. Basically, it’s a scene that shows what happens if Harry chooses a different route in the beginning of the series. Anyone who has read the series or seen the movies should watch this 🙂

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