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Funny Picture: Cat + Razor = Kid


Cat Shaved Face
After shaving the cat’s face, it was revealed to be an asian kid.

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Funny Picture: How to Tell HTML from HTML5


How to Tell HTML from HTML5
Try it on Internet Explorer (IE)
Did it work?
It’s HTML5.

So true 😉

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Funny Picture: Diablo 3 — Are You F*cking Kidding Me?


Here’s a funny image relating to Diablo III and how long it has taken to be released so far.

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Funny Picture: Darth Vader Walking His Imperial Walker Dog


Nothing to see here! Just Anakin Skywalker walking his Imperial Walker. Thank god that vicious Star Wars robot is on a leash!
Darth Vader Walking Imperial Walker Dog

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Funny Picture: Chess Set — This Is Sparta!


A nice 300 movie reference here haha. Good ol’ Chess Board!
Chess Set - This is Sparta - Movie 300

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