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Funny Video: Batman Eats Pinkie Pie While Playing Unfitting Music


Oh my…The Dark Knight eats many of these Horses / Ponies. Delicious.

Funny Picture: Clark Kent’s (Superman) Identity – Busted On Facebook


Clark Kent’s secret, superhero identity was discovered on the social network Facebook because of Martha Kent posting his baby photos. Tsk tsk. As Batman says, “Busted”. Click the image to enlarge it.
Clark Kent - Superman - Busted On Facebook
“Clark Honey, when you get back from Saturn, can you pick me up some milk?”

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Knight Flight Batman


Completely random post, but picture says it all.

It’s over on woot! for 4/20/11 if anyone’s actually interested… but seriously!?!?

Pictures: Batman’s Golf Cart


The Dark Knight, or Batman for the noobs, has a special golf cart he uses when he goes golfing. After all, being Bruce Wayne the Dark Knight means he has to go everywhere in style. Click on the images to make them bigger.

Batmans Golf Cart Batmans Golf Cart


Three Characters “Accidentally” Revealed & “Darker” Tone For Batman: Arkham Asylum 2


Holy $*#@! Batman! The sequel to the 2009 surprise hit, Batman: Arkham Asylum, has revealed three villains to the new title. In addition, Arkham Asylum 2 is revealed to be more “darker” than the previous installment.


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