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Upgrading Old Computers Under $350


Warning:  Random post, but this may benefit those trying to upgrade old machines as cheaply and effectively as possible.

Story:  In 2006, I had two very old computers, in fact they are still old.  “Whiplash” was a custom build running a P5B Deluxe MB (533 – 1067 Mhz FSB), X1800 GTO video card (PCI 2.0), Pentium D 2.67 LGA 775 (Overclocked to 3.4Ghtz), 2 GB DDR2-5300 667Mhz RAM, 180GB 7200RPM HD, and a 500W power supply (Combined with a heater, I could throw a circuit breaker in a room, thanks to the X1800 needing 450W alone)  “Goldfish” was an older computer, stock with a PTGD1-LA “Goldfish” MB (533 Mhz FSB), X300 128 MB Video Card (AGP), 1 GB of DDR-3200 400 Mhz RAM, 200 GB 5400 RPM HD, and a 400W power supply.   Time took it’s toll, as well as other unfortunate experiments and incidents that rendered them inactive (The reason they could not be used was because the HD’s kept crashing)

Project Shield


First of Project Shield PC Monday’s series:

Imagine this paird up with Nvidia’s 3D Vision technology…

A Look at the NVIDIA Kepler GTX 680


It’s that time again. The time where computer hardware advances even further to bring a brand new wave of extreme video cards. The latest? The Kepler GTX 680 by NVIDIA, which will sport a price tag of around $500 using the GK104 architecture.

The card is 10 inches in length so it is big in size, but not the biggest graphics card out there.

The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 is compatible with HDMI 1.4a and supports up to a 4-way SLI for a very intense configuration and is rated up to 195w.

GTX 590 Revision 2 to Hit Shelves in June


GeForce GTX 590-502NVIDIA has finally acknowledged their wrong-doings with the GTX 590. The GTX 590 Version 2 will hit the shelves in June. This revision will contain higher quality inductors that will prevent the GTX 590 from blowing up when stressed and over clocked. There are no details on what will happen to the current GTX 590 holders though, but things probably won’t go your way. The GTX 590 will contain a -502 marking that will show that identify that it is these revised edition. You will also notice that the GTX 590 -502 has a new baseplate and shape that is different from the original. Expect all new third party solutions for this card.

Source: VR-Zone
More information to come.

Nvidia GTX 590 Reviewed, Benchmarks, Temperatures, Noise


At last Nvidia has release the GTX 590, and GTX 590 reviews are out! As I said in my previous article about the release information for the GTX 590,.

I hoped that Nvidia could conquer the issues that AMD had with the noise level. And guess what? They did.

There is however, much more to this story.

Read reviews of the GTX 590 here:

To be honest, that puts people like me in a bind. I am an Nvidia fanboy at heart, even though my current 4870×2 has done me wonders. In a few short words, I can tell you exactly what will effect your decision.

Choose the GTX 590 if….

  • You want a quieter video card and aren’t using water cooling
  • The 6990 is a little too big for your case
  • You are an Nvidia fanboy
  • You will make use of tesselation and other Nvidia specific enhancements
  • You don’t want to do your own crossfire solution

Choose the Radeon HD 6990 if…

  • You want better, scaleable performance
  • You want to use slightly less power
  • Noise isn’t an issue to you (if you are not using watercooling)

That is it in a nutshell. But in reality, both are good cards. If you want faster performance and better temps and noise, then choose to do your own crossfire solution. Otherwise, there you have it.


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