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AMD/ATI Catalyst 10.12 Released – New Interface Preview


AMD Catalyst 10.12 was released today. There are two different releases. One release has a preview of the new Catalyst Interface that will go into full fruition in 2011. The other version will have the current Catalyst Interface. The new interface promises to be easier for novice users to make changes. With that said, both versions promise error fixes and performance enhancements.

You can download ATI Catalyst 10.12 here. If you have the infamous “Catalyst Install Manager has stopped working” error message, click here to learn how to fix it.

AMD Catalyst 10.11 Download


ATI has released version 10.11 of Catalyst. These drivers incorporate the hot fixes from 10.10e as well as additional features such as error fixes with Windows 7/Vista and the aero theme, World of Warcraft Fixes, and additional driver support. You can download Catalyst 10.11 here. I would recommend you stay up to date.

Remember if you get the error message, “Catalyst Install Manager has stopped working” while trying to install the updated drivers, then refer to my “Catalyst Install Manager has stopped working” article to fix the problem.

ATI Catalyst 10.10 Release


That’s right. More news about AMD. Catalyst 10.10 has been released, and with it comes support for the to 6xxx video cards and games.

Other improvements include:
Increase video acceleration support
Performance enhancements for 5xxx cards
Blu-ray 3D support
And more!

You can download ATI Catalyst 10.10 here.

Radeon HD 6850 & 6870 review


A review of the Radeon HD 6850 & 6870 has finally been published! Come see the results now. This review is from Guru3D.

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The Misunderstanding – Presented by AMD


It is no secret that Nvidia’s Fermi was a disappointment. It gave good performance, yes. However the temperatures and energy consumption levels that it operates at were some of the highest ever seen in video cards ever. Nvidia’s leading competitor, AMD decides to make fun of Nvidia’s Fermi in a video.

I found the video mildly funny. Enjoy!


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