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3D Model Printer


This video is in Japanese, because that’s where this printer originates from, however you do not need to understand its language or its game show to marvel at the technology of printing 3D models. Yes, printing. This is the Z Printer 450.

Jackass 3D


Jackass 3-D
Yes its a movie trailer, but they’re giving 3-D movies a whole new meaning.

So it seems 3 dimension movies are the way of the future cinema scheme.

The Nintendo 3DS – A Brand New Handheld


That’s right people. Nintendo is rolling out another type of DS to the already long Nintendo DS series. Like the DSi was different than the DS series, so will be the 3DS. So…what makes this one unique? That’s easy: it’s ability to show 3D effects.

No, it doesn’t require 3D glasses so don’t worry about being punched at school for wearing such goofy things. It will also be backwards compatible with the previous DS models — DSi / DSi XL / DSi LL / DS Lite / DS — so don’t worry, it’ll play those games without a problem.

There’s not that much information floating around at this point about how these 3D effects are achieved, but one thing is for sure — it’ll be cool and innovative. More information will be available after E3. To the 3DS — we await your arrival with great anticipation and hope that you do not disappoint us! No release date is available yet either. If you don’t care for waiting on this new 3DS release, then you could always purchase a Nintendo DSi XL / DSi LL instead. They’re pretty cool as well. Wondering what’s the difference between a Nintendo DSi and a Nintendo DSi XL / LL? Here’s a comparison with a picture comparison too: Nintendo DSi vs DSi XL – Comparison of Features.

3D Online Tool to Design Your Dorm Room


So college is unfortunately just around the corner again. Some of you may want to redesign your dorm rooms or, for those just joining the college world, design your dorm room for the first time. Some of you may just plop your crap down on the ground and put it wherever, but others like to plan things out. If you are someone who plans, and hopefully someone who rooms with someone accepting of your plans, then check out this website.


It looks like it has potential to me, though I haven’t really used it myself and probably never will. Hopefully it’ll be helpful to someone.

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