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Video: Hand feeding Hummingbirds


A group of people started taming hummingbirds and getting them to feed from their hands. Neato! These birds enjoy bright red colors of course so that helps. There are loads of them too in the video because of migrations occurring.

Video by Ketchikan Alaska Tours lodging company.

Cool Video: Snail Zombies


Like Zombies? Me too. Like Snails? Who doesn’t! Oh…Most people? Okay. Well, check out this fascinating video on “Snail Zombies”! It actually sounds way cooler than it is. Basically, it’s about a parasite that is spread from birds poop to snails and back again to birds. It causes the snail’s eye stocks to puff up and look like worms and the parasite even seemingly starts to control the snail by forcing it to move in areas that will make it visible to birds. Long live the snail zombies!

New Technology to Prevent Birds From Smashing Their Brains Into Windows


Birds love to fly into house windows. Why? Because they don’t know that a window is there if it’s clean. Thinking that they can just fly into the house, they end up smashing their head against the window and get bird brains everywhere. A tragic, sad fate. Fortunately, new technology allows for special windows to be created that prevent this from happening.

Special, Anti-Bird Window

This crafty design allows the windows to look perfectly normal to the human eye, while the anti-bird feature is only visible by birds. A UV reflective coating is put on the windows, which helps visible UV light appear and make the windows look more apparent. Birds are able to see a far broader spectrum of UV light than humans, which is why this works.


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