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G’zOne Type-V


A first look at a new rugged cell phone that is built to withstand substantial abuse including being waterproof and shockproof. This first-look review is done by C-Net, and the phone will be available to Verizon customers. Sharing is caring.

Man Walks Into AT&T and Verizon Stores Wearing AT&T 3G Coverage Map On Head


I saw this video on Tomshardware. As the title says… some guy with nothing better to do decided to take the AT&T 3G coverage map and to put it on his head. He walks into an AT&T retail store first, and then a Verizon one. After that he gets hit on by 14 year olds, and then kicked out of a mall. Enjoy.

iPhone For Verizon?


Verizon customers may be happy to hear that Apple might be offering the iPhone to Verizon users soon. iPhone 3GSThis is because this week Apple may drop their exclusive AT&T contract according to There’s rumors floating around that Verizon may be the new carrier for the iPhone. I myself would love to have an iPhone on Sprint’s network, but I doubt that’ll happen! If Verizon does start to sell the iPhone, however, then expect people hacking them over to other CDMA-based networks (i.e. Sprint). One thing is sure regardless though, if AT&T loses the iPhone it will take a very heavy blow. The expected day for this to occur is on Wednesday.


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