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iPhone 4 / iOS4 – No Privacy, Constant Info Sent to Apple + AT&T


Yep. Apple decided that it would be a great idea to constantly have their iPhone 4 send information that should generally remain private to both AT&T and themselves. In my opinion, this makes it crap, though I’m sure a lot of the Apple fans won’t really care. Here’s some informaton on them FORCING updates on your phone…Not that everything in quotes was said by an employee of Apple:

Man Walks Into AT&T and Verizon Stores Wearing AT&T 3G Coverage Map On Head


I saw this video on Tomshardware. As the title says… some guy with nothing better to do decided to take the AT&T 3G coverage map and to put it on his head. He walks into an AT&T retail store first, and then a Verizon one. After that he gets hit on by 14 year olds, and then kicked out of a mall. Enjoy.


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