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Solarwear is good. The picture below alone should convince you.


Engineers/chemists/computer scientists/mathematicians/anyone generally in the hard sciences lucky enough to catch a female colleague hot enough to rock a bikini, or anyone with a girl green-minded enough:

Solarwear Bikini



Dispite being anti-Apple and a guy, I would so get this.
Here’s a brief description:
“The iBangle is a thin piece of aluminum (of course) with a multi-touch track pad. To achieve the perfect fit, a cushion inside the ring inflates to keep itself taught against your wrist. Unisex? Maybe.”

Open this topic to see more pictures:

Why time stands still at 9:42 in iPod ads


Buzzblog just recently released an interesting article about the time displayed in iPhone Ads. I never really noticed it, but surely they were right. When checking the iPad, the time displayed on its ad was 9:41, a minute sooner. After they contacted the PR department at Apple, the employee was unable to find an exact reason. However much later, Apple employee John Manning, a lead developer in Apple’s secret lab noticed this as well and identified the difference in time on the iPad.

So what did John Manning do?
He first pointed out that the ads for the iPad are actually displaying 9:41. Afterwards he decided to go talk to the guy who was actually in the ads with the device, Scott Forstall, the senior vice president of the software for the iPhone. And well… he responded alright.

Free iPod Touch / iPhone Game: Dragon Slaughter Episode III


Yet another free iPod Touch / iPhone game! This one is called Dragon Slaughter Episode III and can be downloaded HERE for free! It’s normally a $1, so if you want it free you’ll have to act fast! As for the premise of the game…

Free iPod Touch / iPhone App: Safe OR – Safety Checklist


This particular app, though well-rated (4/5 stars), is for select people really — people who work in the operating room. That doesn’t mean you can’t still go ahead and get it anyway! It is FREE for a limited amount of time. You can get it from HERE. Basically, this is a 19-point checklist with rules to follow in the operating room. Imagine someone whipping out their iPhone or iPod Touch in the operating room to make sure that they don’t kill you, lol. Here’s some information on it:

The WHO Surgical Safety Checklist has recently been reported to reduce post-operative mortality by over 40%. This checklist has now been adapted into an easy to use iPhone App.

No need to remember the 19-point checklist – run through it on your iPhone. This tool is designed to help surgeons, anesthetists, OR nurses and other health care professionals reduce the risk of surgical complications and mortality.

Designed for use in the OR, this software was converted from cutting edge research to an iPhone app within a week of online publication. Now that’s knowledge translation at its best.


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