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Free iPod Touch / iPhone Game: Dragon Slaughter Episode III


Yet another free iPod Touch / iPhone game! This one is called Dragon Slaughter Episode III and can be downloaded HERE for free! It’s normally a $1, so if you want it free you’ll have to act fast! As for the premise of the game…

The continent of Shambala is conquered by darkness power again. You’re the Great Wizard who should defeat the evil Dragon King and seal it to end this chaos.
Dragon Slaughter Episode III
Crystal tower is the only weapon to defeat the demons. Enhanced by element stones with 5 different powers: Fire, Water, Poison, Nature, Light. Each tower can be configured with maximum 3 stones. There will be special skills for combinations of different stones, such as Double Damage, Splash Attack, Poison… etc. Use them wisely to maximize your attack power .

Pack up your magical items, it’s time to save the world!

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