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How to Make a Live Webcam Green Screen Using HTML5


HTML5 is the future of web browsing. It is ridiculously flexible and allows you to do more things than you could ever imagine.

Even the classic video game DOOM was ported over to HTML5 (with a bit of JavaScript too). And it runs great in web browsers!

So HTML5’s coolness is even further reinforced when you see awesome creations being developed such as a HTML5 Webcam Green Screen.

This proof of concept (video below) uses HTML5’s GetUserMedia function to put it all together.

This is pretty cutting edge stuff — so not all browsers will support the same HTML5 functions just yet (I’m looking at you, IE!).

In fact, for the HTML5 Green Screen Demo Page you will want to use Opera 12+ to view it successfully.

When all browsers are caught up in the world of HTML5 though, then this won’t be the case.

From one geek to another, let’s just put it as this: HTML5 is cool stuff!

Funny Picture: How to Tell HTML from HTML5


How to Tell HTML from HTML5
Try it on Internet Explorer (IE)
Did it work?
It’s HTML5.

So true 😉

Quake II Ported Over Using HTML5


So Foose, Darkknighth20 and I have been on the fence about which programming language to use. Flash has been great to us and many game websites support Flash games only. But after seeing this video, I came to imagine how powerful it can truly be.

This port was done by the Google Developers Team using the Google Web Toolkit. If you want more information about Google’s Quake II Port check it out here.


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