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Funny Video: OMG Cat Meets the Dramatic Lemur


I know how you guys are obsessed with videos of lol kitties and stuff. Check out the OMG kitty after it meets an equally dramatic lemur (yes, the cute little creatures from Penguins of Madagascar).

Oh my god! Can your cat open its mouth that big? Gotta love the nice, large, reflective eyes of the lemur 🙂

Funny Video: Inception Cat!


Do you like cats that play peekaboo? Then check out this kitty, as it creepily does so with epic music in front of a mirror (in a bathroom?). Also called “pedo cat” oddly enough. Regardless, this video made me laugh lol. I like how slowly the ears come into view, then he slowly goes away and comes back. I also like how you can hear the kittay coming before you see it.

Inception Cat will haunt your dreams…lolz. Beware of the peak-a-boo.

Music: Zack Hemsey – Mind Heist (Inception trailer)

Funny Video: Real Life, Poptart Nyan Nyan Cat!


The Nyan Nyan kitty is no longer just a nice little cartoon animation. It’s a real life cat! Rainbow and all.



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Funny Video: Cats Arguing Over Printer


This funny video clip is of two / 2 cats fighting over a printer. The other cat doesn’t want the opposing kitty to touch it! Watch how it plays out…:)

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