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250GB PS3 Slims Coming To The US; Bundles TBA


After many months of speculation, after all other regions were getting the 250GB PS3 in bundles and stand-alones; Sony announced that the United States will officially get it starting November 3rd. It will sell for about $349.99 and the original 120GB slim still keeps the $299 price.

Bundles however, have yet to be announced for the system; though it is likely that they will come in time for the holiday rush. A month ago, 250GB bundles for Australia, Japan, and UK were announced for Uncharted 2 and Final Fantasy XIII, to name a few. What bundles could the US get are unknown; given that some big named titles are expected to release in November, such as Modern Warfare 2 and Assassin’s Creed II, Sony might encompass one or both of them in specific bundles, but this is speculative.

The 250GB PS3 (System Only)

The 250GB PS3 (System Only)

Sources: Gamespot; IGN

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