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AreYouAHuman Captcha – Cracked Already


For those of you unfamiliar with AreYouAHuman’s CAPTCHA — it replaces those annoying text-based CAPTCHAs where you try to rewrite the blurry / pixelated CAPTCHA text into a box. Instead, you play a game (such as drag all food into a refrigerator). This is a nice alternative that is way less frustrating. Is it more secure though? Nope. It’s been cracked already. See the below video for more information!

Check out Cracking the AreYouAHuman Captcha for more information!

This proof of concept shows that bots can take advantage easily if they ever encounter this protection (good for spammers, bad for normal people).

Google Translate Easter Egg


Copy paste the selection of gibberish into Google translate and select language From: German. Then click on “Listen”
Read more for the text –

Tablet & Cell Phone Lock Screen Cracker Using Arduino & Servo Motors


Really cool stuff right here. This is a physical cracker that cracks tablets and cell phones by tapping keys on their screens (if the phone is locked / password protected). It can easily use brute force methods or even word lists. This device is powered by an Arduino and uses wood, servo motors, and metal. Even cooler is that this device is outfitted to work on both resistive and capacitive screens by using a plastic pole or special stylus. Check out the video of this in action. Arduino projects really are cool. You guys should check out how to guides on them.

See Full Article: Tablet & Cell Phone Lock screen cracker

Javelin Missile Launch


All real footage, no edits!

Cool Video: Legend of Zelda (NES) Being Played On Wall / Floor


I started replaying Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda recently via the Gameboy Advance (Zelda Classic version)…so this video is relevant to me! Rather than using the GBA, I’m using my DS Lite…Am on level 8 now, just FYI since I’m sure you’re jealous. Go Link! Anyway, this is someone’s graphic design project I believe.


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