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Unreleased Game By GRIN a Final Fantasy Game?


This information was provided to me by Wrathie so kudos to him! Square Enix’s Final Fantasy series (AKA the series that will never end and is most certainly NOT “Final”) is very well-known and loved. My personal favorites are FF7, FF8, FF10, FF12, and FF Tactics. My personal most hated? FF9, FF10-2, and Tactics Advance 1&2. Anyway, back on topic! GRIN, a game development company that recently has closed, mentioned an “unreleased masterpiece” on their website. Low and behold, it may have very well of been a new Final Fantasy game! Here’s a picture–

The IGN Article mentions that…

New findings reveal the mystery project was actually a new Final Fantasy game, perhaps based in the Final Fantasy XII universe. Several online resumes popped up of former GRIN employees, along with concept and environmental screens for a game being published by Square-Enix, as first spotted by superannuation. The project was titled “Fortress,” which sources have indicated to both Destructoid and Kotaku was a action-based Final Fantasy XII game.”

That’s a bloody shame it isn’t being released. The concept and environment pictures look great. Check out more images of the game here.

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