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Person Plays Final Fantasy XIV, Then Sells $26 Millions Worth of Square Enix Stock


If you haven’t heard about how terrible Square Enix’s most recent MMORPG — Final Fantasy XIV — is, then check out this Final Fantasy XIV Review. Apparently it was so bad, that a stock holder end up selling a large sum of the game’s stock because after playing it, he hated Square Enix. This caused the overall stock to drop 1%. The total worth of everyone’s Square Enix stock then dropped from 1800 yen to 1735 yen. Ouch! Square Enix, though I like you, you have no excuse for making such a bad game since most of your RPGs are awesome 🙁


Final Fantasy XIV a Bust


The word is out about Squaresoft’s equal to the hit MMORPG Final Fantasy XI. And the word is…………..

Final Fantasy XIV

That it is awful!

I am really disappointed to hear that, as I am an avid Final Fantasy fan. Customers and review companies such as GameSpot are complaining that the controls are not fluid, even with the special Final Fantasy XIV controller (which needs to be completely set up after installing.) There is also complaints for the lack of an auction system, as well as a very unfriendly interface. To give you an idea of just how unfriendly it is… it takes several clicks to bring up the inventory system, and they do not have hot keys in the game.

Other complaints include the fact that a huge portion of the Final Fantasy XIV world is just the same stuff copied and pasted over again. Furthermore there are level five monsters and extremely high level monsters right next to each other. Quests can be finished in no time and there is a quest per day limit. This leaves users without much to do since there is not much to explore. There are several other issues that customers have been complaining about, but you can read those reviews for yourself. Since I haven’t played the game I cannot give my opinion.

On a positive note however, Squaresoft lives up to its name and displays beautiful real-time graphics and cut scenes. I also am completely confident in Squaresoft’s ability to fix many of these downfalls. Final Fantasy Online (FFXI) was bad at first but evolved as well after all.

Photo taken from GameSpot

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Facebook Updates from Pokemon and FF7


So Enki just showed me the website Dorkly a few days ago. I saw a couple things that I thought were pretty funny there… one of which being facebook updates from game characters.

Here is just some of the ones… Click the enlarge.

Most of them are long so click in to see more.

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Final Fantasy Fan-made Parody


This is for those who are familar with Final Fantasy games, since this video was made to be funny by imitating the game on a college campus. Enjoy.

Unreleased Game By GRIN a Final Fantasy Game?


This information was provided to me by Wrathie so kudos to him! Square Enix’s Final Fantasy series (AKA the series that will never end and is most certainly NOT “Final”) is very well-known and loved. My personal favorites are FF7, FF8, FF10, FF12, and FF Tactics. My personal most hated? FF9, FF10-2, and Tactics Advance 1&2. Anyway, back on topic! GRIN, a game development company that recently has closed, mentioned an “unreleased masterpiece” on their website. Low and behold, it may have very well of been a new Final Fantasy game! Here’s a picture–

The IGN Article mentions that…

New findings reveal the mystery project was actually a new Final Fantasy game, perhaps based in the Final Fantasy XII universe. Several online resumes popped up of former GRIN employees, along with concept and environmental screens for a game being published by Square-Enix, as first spotted by superannuation. The project was titled “Fortress,” which sources have indicated to both Destructoid and Kotaku was a action-based Final Fantasy XII game.”

That’s a bloody shame it isn’t being released. The concept and environment pictures look great. Check out more images of the game here.


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