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The WikiLeaks Data Bunker


In the fallout over the second massive WikiLeaks document dump of classified US State Department cables, a DDoS attack forced the whistleblowing site off its original host (PRG) and then political pressure from the US government forced it off its second (, whodathunk). Where to now?

A bedrock-encased nuke-proof bunker nestled in the Swedish mountains, apparently. Data Center Pulse did a tour of the data bunker in 2009, and it is a striking example of how science fiction ala James Bond can come to fruition… or is it that science fiction ala James Bond is just drawing off of the most incredible concepts in the world today?

Whatever the case, this is where Wikileaks’ new servers now reside, and one would be hard-pressed to find a more suitable data center for them now given the furor (politely put) that’s arisen over this massive document release. There’s not much more that guarantees security than thirty feet of bedrock, military installations and shelter in one of the most diplomatically neutral nations in the world. Also, given that it’s actually not so far underground (the entrance is carved into the side of the mountain, so it’s actually a horizontal walk out rather than an ascending one), might actually be a nice place to work. I know at least there’s got to be some sweet Nerf gunfights down there given that it almost certainly inspired the Severnaya Bunker level in Goldeneye.

Go to the link below for the original article at MIT Tech Review, with a helpfully supplied YouTube video of the Data Center Pulse tour of the data bunker.

Check the original site here.

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