Today is Monday, 20th January 2020

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The WikiLeaks Data Bunker


In the fallout over the second massive WikiLeaks document dump of classified US State Department cables, a DDoS attack forced the whistleblowing site off its original host (PRG) and then political pressure from the US government forced it off its second (, whodathunk). Where to now?

Civilization V Full Version Leaked with Stellar Reviews


Civilization V came out earlier this week and received stellar reviews. Although I purposely haven’t gotten the game yet since I know that I will be glued to it the moment I do. Game play has been simplified while leaving more advanced options for the experienced gamer.

Unsurprisingly the game has already been leaked and steam has already been cracked and downloaded on the Internet.

So do yourself a favor and go buy a copy of Civilization V today! You won’t regret it… unless you have an important assignment due tomorrow.

You can get the game on sale From All of the reviews there are by idiots though — so don’t worry about the rating that’s listed there. Check out the rating for the game at Gamespot instead, which is a 9.0/10. Very nice!


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