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The New Generation of the iPod Touch

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Although there aren’t as many exciting things to talk about for the new iPod Touch, there are some things that are noteworthy.

The most noteworthy of things is the price changes. The 8gb will now cost $199, as opposed to its old price $229.00. Apple has also lowered the price of its 32GB iPod Touch from $399 to $299. This price is not however a reflection on sales, as Apple has sold approximately 20 million iPod Touches.

The 64GB iPod Touch Holds Up To 14000 songs

The 64GB iPod Touch Holds Up To 14000 songs

In addition, Apple is now selling a 64GB model of the iPod Touch, which is said to hold up to 80 hours of video, 14,000 songs, or 90,000 photos. Apple is also selling the 32GB model of the iPod Touch. The new 64GB model of the iPod Touch will sport a $399 price-tag. Apple has choosen to discontinue the 16GB model.

The New iPod Touch With Open GL

The New iPod Touch With Open GL

But wait there is more! The 64GB and 32GB iPod Touches have other improvements besides just capacity now! Apple claims that these two models will run 50% faster than the 8GB model. These to models will also support voice control in 20 different languages as well. Another feature worth noting is that these two models will have support for Open GL ES version 2.0.

For those of you who do not know with Open GL ES is,its a graphic API that is used in games and mobile phones. This has the potential to create big changes for gaming on the iPod Touch.

Unfortunately the iPod Touch will not have a camera, although there are still 3rd party options available. There will be no microphone as well. The lack of these to functionalities have given rise to a rumor that the camera and microphone were kept out due to some quality assurance issues that arose as the last minute of production.

The 32GB and 64GB versions of the iPod Touch will come with Apple Earphones with a Remote and Microphone to support the new voice control technology.

iPod Genius Mixes

iPod Genius Mixes

The iPod Touch, just like the iPod Nano, will have the ability to create Genius Mixes. This allows the iPod to create 12 endless playlists that it bases off of your current music library.

Some more features include built in Nike support, and my favorite feature… Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR!!!

The iPod Touch will be able to play up to 30 hours of audio or 6 hours of video on a single charge. A full charge takes approximately 4 hours, and it takes about 2 hours to fast-charge up to 80% of the battery capacity.

Form Factor
The iPod touch has three external buttons. Volume up/down (on the side), Sleep/wake, and home. It is approximately the same dimensions as the previous dimensions with a height of 4.3 inches(110mm), width of 2.4 inches(61.8mm), depth of.33 of an inch(8.5mm) and weights just 4.05 ounces.

Well that concludes the informationon the latest generation of the iPod touch! I have to say I am excited! See more information about the iPod Touch on Apple’s Website.

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