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The New Generation of the ipod Nano

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I just wanted to summarize some key points of the Rock N’ Roll Event that was held today. This post contains information about the iPod Nano Specifically

iPod Nano Updates:
Steve Jobs went ahead and confirmed everyone’s suspicions that the iPod Nano would sport a video camera. Not only does it have a youtube friendly video camera, but it has a microphone as well! The new iPod Nano comes in 8GB and 16GB models, priced at $149 and $179, respectively. Did I forget to mention that it also has a built in speaker? The camera will record H.264 VGA video at a resolution of 640px x 480px at 30 frames per second in either portrait or landscape mode. Additionally,the audio will be recording in AAC format. in either portrait or landscape modes.

iPod Nano Video Camera

iPod Nano Video Camera

The video camera also can do 15 real-time filters: Black and White, Bulge, Cyborg, Dent, FilmGrain, Kaleido, LightTunnel, Mirror, MotionBlur, SecurityCam, Sepia, Stretch, Thermal, Twirl, and X-Ray. It will be interesting to see how the camera industry will react to this. Apple states that it is trying to compete with low-end pocket camera-sized cameras.

iPod Genius Mixes

iPod Genius Mixes

If those updates weren’t enough for you there is more. Apple has given the Nano the ability to follow voice commands as well. The voice recognition software recognizes 20 different languages, and makes it easy to go through music. Want more features? Well Apple went and added the Genius Mixes Capability to the Nano. This allows the iPod to create 12 endless playlists that it bases off of your current music library. Want more? Apple added a pedometer,as well as a FM Radio Tuner!

The Last Generation of the iPod Nano

iPod Nano New Generation

The FM Radio Tuner supports live pause, so a user can pause the music he is listening to for as much as fifteen minutes, and can resume. Not only that, but users can tag the music they hear so that they can download it or preview it on itunes later.

The battery can perform up to 24 hours of music playback or up to 5 hours of video. The battery can fast-charge up to 80% battery capacity in 1.5 hours and fully charge in 3 hours.

Form Factor
The iPod Nano is almost identical to the previous generation in looks. It comes in nine colors: black, blue, green, orange, pink, purple, (Product) red, silver, and yellow. The iPod Nano now has a 2.2-inch, 240-by-376-pixel, display – an increase in size from the previous generation.

Well that is it for updates on the iPod Nano. For more information see Apple’s Website.

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