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Drive or Fly?


Howdy.  For all of you vacationers out there, the one question probably comes to mind each time:  Is it cheaper to fly or drive?

Well thanks to, they made a calculator for that question!

It asks you the basic things, like starting point and destination, but also goes more in depth like your vehicle’s make and model!  MPG is a factor here!

Try it yourself!

For instance, it’s cheaper for me to drive to South of the Border, SC to get my fireworks than to fly.


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Want to Ensure Your Luggage Isn’t Lost?


An amusing little article picked up from Lifehacker today: Want to keep your luggage from getting lost? Pack some heat, mothafucka.

From the article:

Most of the time, travelers are on the short-end of TSA regulations. In this instance, however, you can use travel rules to your advantage. If you’re traveling with equipment you would prefer locked up and watched more closely than your run of the mill luggage, you can pack a firearm with the equipment or luggage. Whether or not you own an actual firearm isn’t important—the TSA considers a starter pistol a firearm, and it must be checked in and secured properly.

Exploiting the Second Amendment and TSA regulations for profit, gain and minor lulz.

See the original lifehacker article here.


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