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Drive or Fly?


Howdy.  For all of you vacationers out there, the one question probably comes to mind each time:  Is it cheaper to fly or drive?

Well thanks to, they made a calculator for that question!

It asks you the basic things, like starting point and destination, but also goes more in depth like your vehicle’s make and model!  MPG is a factor here!

Try it yourself!

For instance, it’s cheaper for me to drive to South of the Border, SC to get my fireworks than to fly.


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New $100 Dollar Bill


These new bills are to help prevent counterfeits. Wonder how they create all those effects..

Person Forges Check for $360 Billion and Tries to Cash It


Lol. So this person steals a check from his girlfriend’s mom and forges it to be 360 billion dollars with the memo field saying “For Rent”. Nice try!

Best Graphics / Video Cards For The Money 2009


It’s around that time again — where people just feel the need to upgrade their computers. I feel that need too, but my wallet unfortunately does not. Some of you may need help on picking a graphics card. If that’s the case, this article may help you. Keep in mind that majority of these cards can be found for even less than mentioned in the article. Just check out websites such as which often has deals on everything computer-related. Here’s the article–

“Best Graphics Cards For The Money: September ’09”

Detailed graphics card specifications and reviews are great—that is, if you have the time to do the research. But at the end of the day, what a gamer needs is the best graphics card within a certain budget.


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