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Splinter Cell: Conviction – story trailer


Kinda reminds me of a movie, but nonetheless this game looks promising!

Iron Man 2 Interactive Trailer


As the title says, you get to explore the trailer.. interactively.

Gaiking teaser trailer


I came across this trailer today, looked liked a really great sci-fi movie with a kickass storyline, until I searched it up to find how it’s origins are from a very cartoon-like anime. I might watch this, but not interested in the anime, don’t know about you guys, any comments?

Newest Futurama Teaser Video


It’s been no secret that Futurama is coming back with new episodes on Comedy Central. To that, we all say “woot”! When are these episodes coming out? June 2010. Check out the newest trailer / teaser video of the upcoming season:


Mass Effect 2 Video Game


Like Mass Effect? Well, Mass Effect 2 will be out soon enough! I personally never got into the game very much, but if I tried it again that would probably change! Like Borderlands, it’s a FPS RPG. The graphics are superb & the storyline dynamic. Here’s a trailer that includes actual gameplay footage for Mass Effect 2:


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