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History with Tetris


The Soviet Union’s history explained through the use of the Tetris song!

Video: Tetris – A Live Action Game Movie! (lol)

Tetris Wii

This video is NOT a real advertisement for a Tetris game movie coming out, but rather just a funny video.

After all, a real life movie about the game Tetris wouldn’t necessarily work out too well I’m sure…Or would it? Maybe it would be one of those movies that are SO bad that it ends up somehow feeling as if it were good. The video is in French.

Take a look at Tetris Le Film!–

First Person Tetris (You’ll Understand Once You See)


Okay so I saw the link to this little game on Tomshardware. One of their writers found this first person version of the classic game Tetris. You can play First Person Tetris here. Try not to get too dizzy or sick.

The Tetris God


Ever wonder why you get the most terrible of pieces when playing Tetris sometimes? The Tetris God is to blame!


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