Today is Monday, 28th November 2022

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Website Width Expanded!


For a very long time, we have been unhappy with the width of Geek Montage. It had a skinny layout that just didn’t hold large images or videos very well. That is now no longer the case, as we have increased our width by 200 pixels! Expect larger video sizes in posts now. This increase in width will not look as nice on 800×600 resolution because of a horizontal scrollbar showing, but not many use that resolution now adays — mostly just small netbooks.

It’s also worth noting that the banners at the top of the page have been shrunk from 205 pixels to 150 pixels. This means the content is closer to the top of the page, and the images take up less file space which helps with faster loading times 🙂 More fiddling to come!

Google Feedburner


We are now using Google Feedburner for our RSS feed! All subscribers please update accordingly! 🙂 The old feed will still work though so don’t worry if you’re too lazy to update 😉 I know how it feels. Thanks and goodbye!

Site Optimization


Hello everyone. We have begun optimizing Geek Montage in an attempt to make it as fast as possible for all of our viewers. For example, the banners at the top of the page have now been significantly compressed and many of the sidebar widgets are now being cached. We hope to perform improvements and tweaks such as this throughout the lifespan of Geek Montage to ensure that all you visitors get the best GM experience possible!

Geek Montage Back Online!


Sorry for the downtime! We decided to transfer hosts to allow for more flexibility and ensure the fastest experience for our users 🙂 So far it appears everything has transferred without a problem. If you do happen to encounter any issues, please let us know. Thanks!

Site Update


As you can see we have added several new updates to the site in the past 24 hours. These updates should increase the ease of navigating our site.

Additionally we have made it easy to rate our articles now, by adding a Digg option, as well as more rating options to each article. So please, if you like something Digg it… especially if I wrote it~! =)

– ナオ太


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