Today is Friday, 30th September 2022

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Affiliates Section Opened


An Affiliates section has now been created! Have a website? Get a decent amount of hits? Wanna affiliate? Or maybe you just want to link us out of coolness? Check out the section for more informaton.

Geek Montage Back Online! + Dominos Deal


Hey guys,

We had run out of bandwidth earlier today, but we’re back online now! It felt weird not having the website up and running. I guess you guys are eating our bandwidth! To help sooth your hunger, I decided to post a deal from Dominos (only applicable for those living in the United States unfortunately). From October 19th to October 25th, Dominos is offering 1 large extra cheese pizza for $5.99. Any additional topping costs $1.50. This is only good for carry-out orders though so people wanting delivery…go away! 🙂 Hopefully you guys will start to eat pizza instead of bandwidth now.

On a side note, our forum is looking lonely. Join our forum! Cheers.

100,000+ Hits: Another Milestone!!!


Well, it looks like we’ve hit another milestone on this site: 100,000 hits! Amazing, thank you all viewers for making it possible!

As DarkKnightH20 has stated before, we’ve released a new game called Escape the Bathroom and opened up our new forums. Don’t be shy, make yourself part of the GM community today!

Again, it is great to see we’ve made it this far, now to 1 million! :D:D:D

–Much <3 from the Staff!

Escape the Bathroom 3D Released + Forum Open!


Escape the Bathroom 3D has now been released! It doesn’t have the best of ratings as of right now and people aren’t really giving us suggestions…but we’re happy as long as they’re playing it! Feel free to ask for help through comments or on the forum if you’re stuck. You can also leave suggestions/bugs in these places as well. A walkthrough is available Here. Also, happy Columbus Day!

Incoming search terms:

  • escape 3G bathroom walkthrough

Staff Pages Are Now Up!


Though nobody will care about this, each staff member now has their own subpage under the Staff Section. These shall change from time to time as well…so if you’re super bored, check ’em out!


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