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Sega Genesis + Shock collar


These geniuses went ahead and hacked their Sega Genesis so that it would work with a shock collar as well. The shock collar is activated when the players receive damage or get killed in the game. And… well, you’ll see.

This has got to be the most genius thing ever, and stupidest.

Sonic Fan Remix


Need a game to play? Well take a look at the fan made game Sonic Fan Remix. You can play a free demo with the first three levels. Makes you wonder why the team who made Sonic 4 failed so badly when these people were able to make a wonderful game. Right now you can download the demo version only – which is about 90MB in size and does not require an install.

Enjoy the trailer.

Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I Delayed


Looks like we’re going to have to wait a bit longer to get our hands on the throwback Sonic game. Sega has announced, that in order for the game to live up to the “Sonic” name, the game will be held off until the latter half of 2010.

Update: Sonic 4 Will Be Co-Developed By Sega & Dimps


Updated:Turns out not all the facts were right about this one, Joystiq got in touch with Sega, and Sega corrected the fact that they were not developing. In fact, Sonic Team will be co-developer along with Dimps. Dimps and Sonic Team have had a working relationship for a long while, so this collaboration should be fine.

Updated Editor’s Note: Looks like I dropped the ball on this one, as numerous other sites did too. Good job on Joystiq’s part for getting the facts straight. News always changes and we can never always get the news right the first time. Nevertheless, I apologize for the error.

Original Story: In some interesting news about the Sonic reboot, it was discovered that the brains behind the Sonic games, Sonic Team, will not develop the game. This is HUGE news, when it comes to the development of a Sonic game, because Sonic Team has virtually oversaw the entire series (hence the name “Sonic” Team).


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