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Bridges all over the world


There are tons of awesome bridges all over the world. I mean I would travel to these countries just to see these bridges! Especially the last one.

TorrentReactor Buys Russian Town for $148,000


I found this to be both interesting and somewhat funny (in the sense that this is a Torrent website we’re talking about here, even if it’s a Russian-based torrent website). Apparently the well-known torrenting website TorrentReactor has bought a Russian town for $148,000 (4.5 million rubles). The town, formally known as Gar, was renamed to TorrentReactor. The money used to buy this town is being split between the residence of the town and is helping to fix up the local buildings there.

The town has a population of 214 and with TorrentReactor’s help, will have expanded internet access. Currently, they have only one PC with dial-up internet so the improvement would be greatly appreciated I’m sure. Besides, any town owned by a torrent website would need good internet access after all 😉 The town of Gar consists mostly of farmers who sell crops to survive.

It is unclear whether or not this is a joke for publicity or not. TorrentFreak has attempted to contact both sides of the party (the town of Gar as well as TorrentReactor), but has received no responses yet. It could easily be a joke, mind you, but if it’s not that sure will be interesting. TorrentFreak often does pranks so this could be one of them. It more than likely is.

Source: TorrentFreak

Porn On Video Billboards Stops Traffic In Moscow


I found this to be pretty hilarious, but recently in Moscow two large Billboards were compromised. Hackers managed to replace the normal advertisements with pornographic videos causing traffic to completely halt while those in their cars stopped to watch. The disruption lasted for only around 20 minutes, but I’m sure the event will live on in their hearts for ages (hah!). Read the full story.


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