Today is Tuesday, 22nd October 2019

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Porn On Video Billboards Stops Traffic In Moscow


I found this to be pretty hilarious, but recently in Moscow two large Billboards were compromised. Hackers managed to replace the normal advertisements with pornographic videos causing traffic to completely halt while those in their cars stopped to watch. The disruption lasted for only around 20 minutes, but I’m sure the event will live on in their hearts for ages (hah!). Read the full story.

Person Exchanging Nude Pics at Work Deemed Hacker


Some people have to view pornography during all times of the day. This includes while they are at work. For others, this isn’t enough. They must also exchange nude pictures of themselves with others…while at work. Kinky is one word that comes to mind, as well as “self-control”. Unfortunately, if you do such things at work, you may be deemed a hacker. Watch out for legal charges!


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