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Cool Video: Logorama


This video was awesome. It has logos and advertisement people like Ronald McDonald all co-existing in some odd world. Warning: For mature audiences only. There is a lot of cursing.

15 Unfortunately Placed Ads – Lol


Ads are everywhere. Sometimes certain ads…aren’t where they should be. Take a look at some of these hilariously badly placed ads on both web pages and in real life.

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MSN Spambots Are Getting Smarter. Well, Sort of…


We all know instant messaging spam bots… they instant message you, trying to get you to go to a link. This is usually done in the request of “come see my picture here” or something like that. Well lately spam bots have been getting further developed so they actually start to carry out a conversation with you BEFORE they give you the link. They are sure starting to get smart! Well… sort of…

Spam Bot Conversation

Spam Bot Conversation Click to see full size.

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Porn On Video Billboards Stops Traffic In Moscow


I found this to be pretty hilarious, but recently in Moscow two large Billboards were compromised. Hackers managed to replace the normal advertisements with pornographic videos causing traffic to completely halt while those in their cars stopped to watch. The disruption lasted for only around 20 minutes, but I’m sure the event will live on in their hearts for ages (hah!). Read the full story.


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