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A Look at the NVIDIA Kepler GTX 680


It’s that time again. The time where computer hardware advances even further to bring a brand new wave of extreme video cards. The latest? The Kepler GTX 680 by NVIDIA, which will sport a price tag of around $500 using the GK104 architecture.

The card is 10 inches in length so it is big in size, but not the biggest graphics card out there.

The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 is compatible with HDMI 1.4a and supports up to a 4-way SLI for a very intense configuration and is rated up to 195w.

Now, let’s look at the specifications…
NVIDIA Kepler GTX-680 Video Card
RAM: 2gb’s GDDR5
Graphics Clock: 1006mhz
Memory Clock: 1502mhz
Memory Bus: 256bit
Memory Bandwidth: 192.3gbs
Shaders: 1536
Texture Units: 128
Die Size: 294 mm2
Process Technology: 28nm
CUDA Cores: 192

Benchmarks for this card are great and will steadily become better as improved drivers are developed and increased support.

This card is even capable of playing the Samaritan demo (which uses the Unreal 3 Engine) easily, which is no simple feat, as this demo originally required THREE NVIDIA GTX 580 graphics card to run!

One question many may have in regards to this card is how it deals with heat. Surprisingly, it does so nicely.

A lot of thought has been placed into the design and it will not disappoint.

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