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Guide: How to Raise Max Volume (Netbooks, Laptop, etc)


I like to watch movies and listen to music on my netbook computer — the ASUS EEEPC 1005HA-P with Windows XP. Often, external speakers are needed to get the volume loud enough since the speakers are so weak. Netbooks aren’t the only portable devices with this problem either. Laptops / Notebooks have it, as do some tablets / touch screen devices with built-in speakers. Regardless of the device, if you want to play a movie, TV show, song, etc. more loudly, then I recommend using a media player that lets you amplify the sound. I recommend Media Player Classic or VLC Player. Personally, I prefer MPC, as VLC doesn’t seem to play some as well (for me, anyway).

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Acrobatic Thieves Rob Best Buy Triggering No Alarms


A group or thieves robbed a Best Buy store in South Brunswick, New Jersey. These thieves were skilled, however, and never even touched the floor. Had they done so, an alarm would have gone off. Instead, they cut a hole in the roof at a spot where the cameras had no view because of advertisement banners. They stole $26,000 worth of Apple laptop computers and make their getaway down a 3-inch gas pipe connected to the building. It was the work of a professional crew. I’m not trying to say stealing is cool (it’s not!)…but that was pretty “badass” if I do say so myself!


Sony VAIO VPCZ114GX/S and VPCZ11Z9E/B Photos and Information


*Update* You may read my review of the Sony Vaio VPCZ1190X here.
Today we have information and photos of the Sony Vaio VPCZ114GX/S and VPCZ11Z9E/B. These are the upgraded versions of the VGN-z890 and the VGN-z790 (click them to see the review.)

The Sony Vaio Z-Series has quite a lot of updates to offer. We will review the VPCZ114GX/S soon. If you are interested in the other models, I suggest you click the above links as the other three models have exactly the same stats as the VGN-Z890 and VGN-z790 and will test the same.

The Sony Vaio VPCZ114GX/S and VPCZ11Z9E/B all come with many design changes such as:

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Funny Video: Guy Catching Laptops With Butt


So I saw Foose and Wrathie doing the same thing as these guys the other day….

Titled: Guy Catches Laptops with his Butt

– ナオ太



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