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Video: Stealing Credit Card Numbers via RFID


This video shows an example of how someone can use a netbook and credit card reader / scanner for electronic pickpocketing. It’s all because of Radio Frequency Identification technology, which is found on some credit cards and is used to allow people to simply wave their card by a RFID scanner instead of swiping it. Not only credit cards use RFID either, so more than just your card is at risk. Watch the video for more information.

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Burglar Tries to Sneak In Store Through Hole, Gets Stuck


I found this to be mild entertaining! A burglar was trying to rob a shopping mart through a hole in its wall, but then got stuck. They had to call some firemen to try to help him out. Removing his pants did not fix the situation.

Acrobatic Thieves Rob Best Buy Triggering No Alarms


A group or thieves robbed a Best Buy store in South Brunswick, New Jersey. These thieves were skilled, however, and never even touched the floor. Had they done so, an alarm would have gone off. Instead, they cut a hole in the roof at a spot where the cameras had no view because of advertisement banners. They stole $26,000 worth of Apple laptop computers and make their getaway down a 3-inch gas pipe connected to the building. It was the work of a professional crew. I’m not trying to say stealing is cool (it’s not!)…but that was pretty “badass” if I do say so myself!



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