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How to Make a Live Webcam Green Screen Using HTML5


HTML5 is the future of web browsing. It is ridiculously flexible and allows you to do more things than you could ever imagine.

Even the classic video game DOOM was ported over to HTML5 (with a bit of JavaScript too). And it runs great in web browsers!

So HTML5’s coolness is even further reinforced when you see awesome creations being developed such as a HTML5 Webcam Green Screen.

This proof of concept (video below) uses HTML5’s GetUserMedia function to put it all together.

This is pretty cutting edge stuff — so not all browsers will support the same HTML5 functions just yet (I’m looking at you, IE!).

In fact, for the HTML5 Green Screen Demo Page you will want to use Opera 12+ to view it successfully.

When all browsers are caught up in the world of HTML5 though, then this won’t be the case.

From one geek to another, let’s just put it as this: HTML5 is cool stuff!

JPlayer – Change Default Solution Based on Browser Type


Though this will likely help nobody, I thought I’d post this anyway.

I recently was installing JPlayer on a website and found that when the default solution was HTML / HTML5, the MP4 / M4V video being played would randomly stop after a certain amount of seconds. Similarly, Firefox had the same issue.

This was fixed by making FLASH the default solution, but doing that caused the video to be black / not show up for Internet Explorer — IE10, IE9, IE8, and IE7 — you would hear the audio but not see the video.

So I was in a bind. The default solution did not work for both browsers and would cause one to not be compatible.

I solved this by adding Web Browser detection / checking to the JavaScript. Specifically, it detects whether or not you are using Internet Explorer — and if you are, then you are served a HTML version of the player. If you are on Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, or any other browser, then the Adobe Flash version is the default.

Funny Video: Java 4-Ever Trailer


.NET is not the only language / platform out there. There is open source Java…AND IT RUNS ON MICROSOFT WINDOWS, LINUX, MAC, ETC! SHEESH! And so we have the movie trailer for Java Forever 😉

Cool: Video Game in a Box


Talk about cool and geeky! This is a VIDEO GAME IN A BOX! Driven by servo motors, magnetic sensors, a piezo speaker, and a teagueduino. Plus a knob and LED of course.

Watch mario jump over goombas and other things. Here’s a link to the project Source Code and here’s the description:

It’s a video game in a box!
This is a physical side scrolling adventure. Make it though the land of evil hopping meanies, industrial debris, and warp tubes. Good luck!
Each obstacle is mounted to the scrolling background with magnetic tape. If the hero passes over one, you die and the game is over.

I’d definitely like to attempt something such as this with my Arduino-Compatible Mega 1280. Maybe ping in a box first!


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