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Video: Awesome Middle School Trick Football Play


This clip made me lol. Little football players at Driscoll Middle School pulled off a nice trick play that caught the other team by surprise and made a long run touchdown. Pretty funny. Check it out.

Game Fixes for Football Manager 2011 (errors, crashing, lag, etc)


This is for all you soccer gamers out there. If anyone has recently installed or played Football Manager 2011, they may have run into some errors. I suggest getting rid of these game problems with our guide to get your game up and running in no time. Got it? Good! Check out our Football Manager 2011: Game Fixes

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Funny Video: Muscle Relaxants Fall In Football Players Drinks


Pretty funny video! The title of this post already spoils what it’s about. Muscle relaxants and football players.



Once again, its that time of year for the Super Bowl!  Its down to the Conference Title Game (AFC:  NYJ vs IND and NFC:  NO vs MIN)  so just for kicks, who do you want to win?

I might start betting on the outcomes

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