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Game Fixes for Football Manager 2011 (errors, crashing, lag, etc)


This is for all you soccer gamers out there. If anyone has recently installed or played Football Manager 2011, they may have run into some errors. I suggest getting rid of these game problems with our guide to get your game up and running in no time. Got it? Good! Check out our Football Manager 2011: Game Fixes

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World Cup 2010 – Filtering the Annoying Vuvuzela Noise


I laughed out loud for awhile when I saw this. Many find the Vuvuzela instrument absolutely annoying to listen to while watching the World Cup 2010. It annoyed people so much that they created a Filter to Remove the Annoying Vuvuzela Noise. Absolutely hilarious! Apparently the frequency of the vuvuzelas is around 233Hz too by the way. Interesting.

Gandalf goes to the world cup


Yes, the middle earth is now a crowd of the world cup. Definately well done

Another Soccer Kick Fail


I won’t take much time explaining this…. you already get the drift. Soccer (or football as you British fellows may call it) + kicking = disaster.

Women’s Soccer


And you thought American Football was rough…


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